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Replacing a flat tire – Cedar Springs Update

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Another monthly reminder on how to change your flat tire, If you’re sitting in Cedar Springs and you notice you have a flat tire, follow these easy steps to get you back on the road:


1) Make sure you’re sitting on a flat surface, your car is in park with the emergency break on, and that you have your non-flat tires secured with some sort of heavy object. This is called “Chocking”, a term you may have heard.

2) Pull out your spare tire, jack and any other tools that you may need. Most cars have a wrench or cross-wrench that have a flat end, like a flat head screw driver, that you can use to pop off your hub caps.

3) Place your jack up under you car, securing it to a part of the frame that is strong enough to hold the weight of the car up. You’ll want to lift the car up just enough to where the flat tire is still touching the ground firmly, yet the jack should be tight and unable to move.

4) You should now use your wrench to loosen those lug nuts on the tire. Break each one free before completely unscrewing them.

Now that the lug nuts are loose, you should jack the car up a little further, this time the tire should be lifted off the ground.

Verify that the car is safely lifted and stable before removing the remaining lug nuts and the tire.

You can then use your hand, or if they’re not loose enough you can use the wrench, to unscrew the lug nuts until you have them all removed.

5) Remove the tire, and set it off to the side, place your spare tire on your car and now you’re going to screw your lug nuts back on.

Make sure to screw the lug nuts in a star pattern, this means that you screw one nut in and then the one across from that one to ensure that the tire is balanced on the car.

Do not tighten the lug nuts all the way just yet, go through and tighten them as best you can without much force.

Slowly lower the car, but don’t quite put all the pressure on the tire just yet. After you’ve lowered the car with a little pressure to hold the tire down, simply tighten your lug nuts again in the same star pattern as before. You can tighten them all the way this time.

After you have your tire secure, pop your hub cap back on, lower your jack and remove it. You can now secure all of your materials and your old tire.

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