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Big Rapids Tire Service

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Sometimes when you’re out and about, you never know what can happen. Nails, pot holes, and glass can lead to some pretty serious issues with your tires, and finding the right place to get your tires fixed can sometimes be difficult as well.


Luckily, JIS Tire service is within the spare tire range from Big Rapids, Michigan. A customer recently told us that while driving down State Street in Big Rapids, they had ran over a pile of debris left in the road by an unknown source. Shortly after this incident, the customer had felt a slight wobble to his vehicle and pulled off to the side of the road. His rear driver side tire had been left to nothing more than a airless piece of rubber. He told us that he looked up tire service on his smart phone and came across JIS Tire service in Howard City.


He quickly changed over to his spare tire and was on his way down old 131 and within 20 minutes he arrived safely at our garage. Not only did he come in to replace the flat tire, but also purchased a full set of tires, complimenting our prices and speed.


We greatly appreciate these types of stories and love hearing them. If you have a story that is similar and you’d like to share with us, please comment in the section below.

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